Saturday, February 11, 2012

Plant Inspired Wall Art

The inspiration:

I found this over at Home Made Simple and fell in love. I thought it was so cute and it looked pretty easy. So I decided to take a stab at it with a few slight variations. I found the frames in the trash and my mom was planning on throwing away the mirror so I snagged it. I spray painted the frames white and used craft paint to paint the mirror's frame yellow. A little paint can go a long way in transforming outdated things!

First, gather your supplies. You'll need two pieces of cardstock (a top color and a bottom color) and some frames. An x-acto pen and cutting mat are helpful, but scissors will probably work too.

Sketch out a plant design. It does not have to be good. I am not very good (read: terrible artist) and I still managed to make it work. You just a general outline of what you want to do. Then, use your x-acto knife to cut out your shapes.

It doesn't have to be perfect, since you'll be flipping the paper over. Nobody will now that you strayed from the path just a little! 

Once everything is all cut out, layer up your papers, stick 'em the frame and put them up! 

I like the way the mirror looks added in with the nature-y art. This was a super easy project that really ads some flair to a boring wall. I had a lot of fun making it and since I'm not naturally artistic, it turned out way better than expected!

Keep in mind where you are going to hang these when finished. I hung it up opposite a yellow wall, so the mirror just looks like a yellow square. It will be moved to a new home eventually.
Happy crafting!

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  1. such a simple idea
    for some cute artwork

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  2. Love the wall art! Thank you for commenting on my finds!

  3. Very pretty. I love the bright colors too!

  4. This is SUPER cute..I LOVE it.. Would LOVE if you could please link it up via my Pin'Inspirational Thursday's linky party happening now pweeease.. ? I would sincerely appreciate it.. : )) ps: totally following ya here : )) Would love if you could join me as well.. I also have a free blog review happening if you are interested ~ .. Wishing you an amazing evening.. Happy rest of the week.. ~Marilyn

  5. So cute. Love these. i might do something like this for my dining room. I'm your newest follower. P.S. I saw this on Singing Three Little Birds feature.